The ‘How To’ Guide On Glittering Your Walls…

The ‘How To’ Guide On Glittering Your Walls…

Step One: Ensure your wall is in perfect condition

  • If you are using a lighter colour for example white or silver, you will need to ensure your walls are brilliant white underneath, otherwise the colour of the paint will come through the joins and patch throughout the glitter. We cannot be held responsible for this.
  • You may want to stain block your walls if using lighter colours. This will prevent patching in the glitter.
  • Ensure your wall is clean, if you have marks on your wall for example pen, it may show through the lighter colours.
  • All previous wallpaper/lining paper needs to be removed before the glitter is applied to your wall. The glitter is able to go on top of paint as long as it is all one colour.
  • Ensure the wall is flat, if the wall has different levels, the glitter will reflect the same and look bumpy.


Step Two: Check your glitter

  • Ensure your glitter is perfect before putting on your walls, any damaged noticed to the glitter after it is fitted to the walls, we cannot be held responsible for.
  • Any damage to glitter that may have occurred during delivery must be reported upon receipt of your parcel. We cannot be held responsible for glitter damage after delivery of the parcel.
  • We require photographic evidence of any faults in the glitter, which immediately need to be sent to
  • All glitter needs to be checked for shading differences before it is hung on the wall. Once hung we cannot be held responsible and cannot refund or exchange the glitter. Lighter colours may have dark particles of the glitter running through, this is completely normal during the manufacturing process, these can be brushed out and will not be visible once hung correctly.


Step Three: Hanging your glitter

  • Your glitter will be more sparkly one way, than it will the other. Check which side you would prefer on your wall.
  • We recommend you use an extra strength adhesive to hang your new glitter and that your room is well ventilated to prevent any bubbles from appearing. We recommend you do not put your central heating on as this will cause bubbling.
  • We advise to apply adhesive directly to the wall, not the fabric. Ensure there is an even layer of adhesive across the whole wall.
  • Allow the adhesive to go tacky before hanging your glitter.
  • Ensure no adhesive gets onto the front of your glitter.
  • Your glitter must be hung the same way off the roll to ensure each drop looks the same. If one drop is hung correctly and the other drop is hung upside down, the two drops put together will look completely different. We cannot be held responsible for this.
  • Ensure you check each drop of glitter after it is hung, if one drop is put on the wrong way it can be rectified before the next drop is put on, but not after the next drop is put on.
  • The glitter needs to be hung over the edges of the wall so it can be cut in at a later stage.
  • We recommend you leave 1 hour to allow the glitter to settle before cutting the top and bottom to size. We recommend you hang the glitter in full before making any cuts, this allows the glitter to settle into place.
  • The glitter needs to be overlapped and spliced in between each drop, this will ensure no joins are visible. We recommend a 2” overlap on each drop.
  • Ensure blades are sharp enough to make the full splice, if blades are blunt the fabric will pull and it may rip through the glitter. The joins may be rolled if required, but ensure no adhesive is pushed out onto the surface of the glitter. Over working the joins may cause damage to the glitter and may make the joins noticeable.
  • Your new glitter wall should look like one piece of glitter, no joins should be visible.

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