Glitters Limited Ft. IMO Graphics

Glitters Limited Ft. IMO Graphics

After a very long search and a lot of recommendation, we decided to team up with IMO Graphics to create the most spectacular showroom and upstairs office.

Tony, the owner of IMO graphics has been absolutely brilliant, his vision, ideas and service is second to none.

So far Tony has completed our signs, mirror graphics, desk wrapping, pool table, conference table, dart board, window graphics, indoor signs and colour names.

Tony has wrapped our plain white office desks in black glitter vinyl with silver glitter writing for our logo. Our desks have transformed from normal boring office desks to trendy work spaces.

A before and after shot of our plain white pool table, now wrapped in blue glitter vinyl with sliver glitter logo.

Pictured below is our sign that has been put up on the front of the shop. We explained to Tony what we wanted on the sign and he came back with a fantastic stand off design, even with glitter in it. We were so impressed and it looks even better now it’s on the wall outside the shop.

The mirror graphics… We weren’t too sure as to whether we should have taken the mirrors out of the upstairs office, so we decided to add some vinyl graphics to them. We went for a simple design of just our logo in a glitter vinyl and they have added so much light to the room and a real unique twist.

Finally, the colour names… Tony has added vinyl graphics to our walls next to each colour, everything he does is done with attention to detail, even down to choosing the colour of the graphics, to ensure they stand out but don’t over power the wall fabric.

10 out of 10 from us here at Glitters Limited, Tony’s service has been phenomenal throughout, from the initial meeting right the way through to aftercare tips and further help.

For any information of vinyl graphics or sign making please contact Tony @ IMO Graphics