2018 We’re Coming For You!!!

2018 We’re Coming For You!!!


Since opening in September 2017 we have had an absolute whirlwind of events unfold here at Glitters, we have met so many lovely customers and had so much support from them. We have had a great start to our ever growing brand and we are so excited for the future.

We would like to thank all of our lovely customers and our strong team. We have tired and tested so many different, bespoke designs and products for our ever so imaginative customers and they have all turned out unbelievably well.

We are expanding our wide product range to even more extravagant and exciting things in this coming year and are aiming to grow our brand to its full potential. Our fantastic team is still growing rapidly, welcoming new life-long clients and employees along the way of this exciting journey.

We are welcoming 2018 in with opening two new stores in Stoke-On-Trent and Birmingham to add to our thriving state of the art showroom in Aldridge.

Here is to a year of hard work and dedication to grow our brand into a household name.